16 Days of Activism:

In order to campaign for the elimination of violence against women globally, we are taking part in the 16 days of activism campaign. My goal through this campaign is not only to raise awareness of an omnipresent issue in world society, but it is to mobilise and activate young people’s involvement in politics.

It is essential they understand what politics means to them and how important their participation is for the future of tomorrow. As we embark on a journey to cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow through skills- based workshops, mentoring programmes and career opportunities, we must also enlighten girls on the obstacles imposed upon them through gender norms and the experiences of different women worldwide. We must not be ignorant and must work to empower the BelEve community so that they can make greater societal strides for the feminist movement. 

What you can do?

Through our activism series we have created different modes of activism you can participate in:

  • Sign a PETITION
  • Write to your MP (request a template from us)
  • Protest
  • Have difficult conversations with your friends and family
  • Read and research sexual assault, fgm and other forms of violence that women endure
  • Donate to a charity which tackles violence against women e.g. Action Aid, Desert Flower Foundation, Equality Now, Wallace Global Fund, Beyond FGM, End FGM European Network

However, we must not constrain our activism to 16 Days, this campaign is to raise awareness. Once this has been raised, the fight and activism must then continue. What type of activism appeals to you the most, all are accessible and easy, it is up to you to be an ally and contribute to a cause that affects us all.

Let’s End Violence Against Women !

Written by Aarti Agarwal