Three Top Tips

  1. Be authentic,  don’t try to be anyone else but yourself! There’s only one you, no one can offer what you can in the exact same way that you can.
  1. Don’t Chase money! Focus on chasing passion and purpose. When you live in purpose, the money will flow- Trust me! 
  1. Don’t try to do everything yourself, lean on your tribe/ network for support. Burnout is not cool.

Stella is an ACCA qualified accountant with over 8 years’ experience working in practice and in government. Stella used her expertise to set up her own accounting firm- Accountstar which provides affordable accounting and tax services to small businesses and financial education to people from underrepresented groups.

Stella is also a Co-founder of EmPact Consultancy, a Social Enterprise aimed at furthering the chances of career success and social mobility for Black and Black Neurodivergent individuals.