As an extrovert who was once an introvert, I can understand and still do grow tired of constantly pandering to different people. Sharing a room with my sister, working in retail and going to school leaves no time for myself, but I came to realize that like everything the two most important things in life is balance and priorities. So I have a few suggestions on how to enjoy your own company, some suggestions quite daring, others more modest…

Go to the cinema

You’re in the dark, occupied for two hours, with food! Could it get any better? This is an activity often best done alone, nobody wants someone chatting in their ear when they’re trying to focus on the storyline!

Go for a walk

Another humble, calm activity that isn’t labelled as ‘odd’. I think a lot of people got to know themselves a lot better thanks to lockdown. Walks allow you to speak to yourself and observe your surroundings, you have no other choice but to learn more about yourself (plus it’s great for your health).

Go to the park

Pack a book, or your laptop and sit in the park. Of course, you could do this in your home but the difference in environment takes you out of what you’re used to and often removes you from your family/roommates temporarily, allowing you to relax solely by yourself.

Book yourself a hotel

I recently did this and it was the most therapeutic experience ever, I highly recommend it. This could be seen as quite daring, but if you feel uncomfortable letting people know, don’t! No one has to know it’s literally a night or two on your own where you can essentially pig out and just relax.

Treat yourself

Whether that be a shopping spree or booking a spa day, treat yourself. This mentality can get you in trouble but money is there to be spent! Just close your eyes and book it, or tap that card against the machine and block out the ‘ping’ from the card reader. You’ll thank yourself later and there’s always next payday!

Go to the gym

For those that hate exercise, this might not be for you… But most people go to the gym by themselves and it can be slightly uncomfortable but this can be a good starting point to getting comfortable with doing things on your own.

Go to a restaurant

This is seen for some people as top tier embarrassment. I would suggest to introverts that you may want to work your way up to this, but who talks when they eat anyway! If no one is feeling for that new Chinese restaurant in central, then go yourself. Find a quiet booth and enjoy your food.

Let me know which suggestion you try this summer.