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By Erica Raimondi

On 5th October 2021

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We want to put young women in charge and showing the difference BelEve programmes can make! This amazing opportunity to become a BelEve Peer Evaluator will help towards personal growth and look ace on your CV! Not sure what it is? Continue reading…

If you were a BelEve Peer Evaluator, you will work on BelEve projects to do short research pieces. You’ll get your research published and be recognised for your work.

What will be the benefits of becoming a Peer Evaluator?
  • Learn the different types of research data we collect, what they do, and why we need it
  • Learn how to make the research experience empowering for girls and young women.
  • Communication in the research process and how to interview (basic techniques).
  • How to write a survey.
What is Peer Evaluation?

Peer evaluation is about using people with lived experience of a particular issue as researchers. The experts in being a young woman in London are young women in London! So we need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground, and take the lead in working with other girls and young women in our programmes. It is through your work with young women that BelEve will be able to learn about the impact and effectiveness of our work. 

What does it require?

As Peer evaluators you’ll receive training to undertake the direct, face-to-face contact with the girls and young women using our programmes. We will train you to in different research techniques and methods, and then fully support you to work with us to collect data from girls and young women, and write these up into reports and presentations. You will be trained to write great surveys, design activities that we can use to see how well we are doing in our work, and even lead seminars on important issues like young women as leaders! AND… you’ll be able to publish your own great reports we can put on our website! 

Why should I become a Peer Evaluator?

The importance of Peer evaluators is that you have experiences similar to the young women BelEve are working with. This is really empowering to the young women in BelEve programmes because evaluation involves data collection – the process of asking questions about young women’s experiences. Using evaluators with similar experiences is a way of making the evaluation process more open and inclusive. 

Written by Erica Raimondi

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