The Table of Grace is an event made by Marsha Powell which is full of powerful women who share an unbreakable bond. The feeling of sisterhood intertwined with the spirituality of food, words used by Marsha herself, left everyone at the event feeling grateful, warm and excited for many more days of celebrating who we truly are.

From Marsha’s empowering words to the young girls’ ideas on self love it is undeniable that I was left feeling empowered, especially after everyone was given key points to use in a self love letter. The importance of the self love journey was one of the many important topics discussed, those of which made me feel truly proud of the team I’m part of and everything we have accomplished from online workshops to using our voices.

Personally I have gained more confidence from this event and even new friends. In the break-out rooms we got to build deeper relationships with eachother and share contact details which is important as one of the organisation’s main goals is sisterhood. I loved everything about the event as it was well organised and every single person was included in answering questions for example. My confidence improving has also led me to speaking up multiple times without needing to be called on, proving the huge amount of progress I’ve made over the past year of being part of BelEve.

Finally, I am excited to see more and more girls/women getting involved in this organisation which is full of love and our best interests are always at the heart of every decision. Everyone deserves to enjoy themselves and benefit from BelEve the way I have, especially in tonight’s special event.

Written by Gabriela Raiu