Here are some great apps you need to download for a variety of reasons, especially at a time where our phone can take us into social media wormholes- let’s redirect you to places of comfort and helpfulness.

  • CALM. The Calm app helps you unwind and has really helped me when I feel both anxious and cannot fall asleep. It provides you with stories told by your favourite celebrities, such as Harry Styles. Now waiting for a story to be told by Rege- Jean (the Duke from Bridgerton).

  • MONZO. If you are going abroad, this is the best app to use because it automatically exchanges your money in the currency needed at the best rate. It also allows you to go into an overdraft if necessary, which you can payback in an allotted time.

  • SPLITWISE. Sometimes when you go on a trip or out you cannot keep track of who owes who what. Through this app you can log all your expenses and it automatically tells you how much you owe and who to. 

  • SPOTIFY DUH?!. If you are a student, Spotify is only 5 pounds a month for premium- so worth it!! It not only has every song basically ever it has all remixes that you want, creates playlists tailored to your taste and recommendations. It also has all podcasts you would ever want and need.

  • What3Words. This app has dedicated 3 words to each 3 metre squares it has divided the UK map into. If you are ever lost you can find out where you are by clicking on the square in the app which records your coordinates through those 3 words, which can be transferred to google maps. Really great if you are lost or need to find out where you are.

  • 1 SECOND EVERY DAY. This app helps you capture one second from every day and creates it into a compilation video for you to watch at the end of the year. I know right now is difficult, but if you are having a good moment in your day, pick up your phone and record that one second.

  • PINTEREST. This app is like your own personal vision board for all and every category ever. Whether its clothing, houses, room décor, food recipes- it is all there. Envision and then bring to life.