Ladies it’s November already! Can you BelEve it?! Only two more months until the New Year 2022 and sis we need to ask you a question… Have you made a plan to BOSS UP for the New Year? If you haven’t then don’t worry, we have got you!

Step 1.

Write a letter to yourself reflecting on your experiences this year and manifesting what you would want to achieve for the next year. How did you overcome your obstacles? Was there anything that made you happy? How have you been feeling?

Step 2.

Write a list of everything that you would want to accomplish / try in 2022. Do you have a business idea that you would like to create? Is there a new hobby that you’re interested in?

Step 3.

Create a vision board of all the things that you want in the next year. Is there a holiday that you would want to go on? Maybe a high score in your exams?

Step 4.

What bad habits or toxic relationships do you want to leave in 2021? Do you have a bad habit of spending all your money as soon as its pay day without saving some of it? Do you know a person who doesn’t celebrate your wins or disrespects your boundaries? LET THAT GO SIS.

Step 5.

Get yourself a mentor, having mentor is one of the most valuable and under-utilized resources available to anyone to help with your personal growth. Our amazing mentors will empower you and pass a torch of wisdom that will burn long enough and bright enough to be passed on by you. Click here to sign yourself up on our FREE Mentoring Programme.

Step 6.

Remember that 2022 is YOUR YEAR. Prioritise YOU. Make sure you constantly check in with yourself because if you don’t look after yourself then how do you expect someone to do the same? You are amazing and capable of accomplishing all of your dreams, all you have to do is BelEve that YOU ARE A BOSS BABE.

We hope these tips will help you start your BOSS BABE journey for 2022. We are always here to support you and help you through anything! If you want resources to help to BOSS UP then sign up on our programmes here.