Spoken Word Poem By Aiysha Alli

This poem called Spoken Word was written by Aiysha Alli from our Youth Leadership Team. A poem about growing up as a Black Muslim Girl.

An Experience around the Table of Grace

The Table of Grace is an event made by Marsha Powell which is full of powerful women who share an...

Mentoring Has Supported My Transition To University

During the last six months, I have achieved a 2:1 to end my 1st year at university and was...

Investing time with purposeful intentions…

Hi, my name is Cherie and I’m 20 years old. Why did I sign up to become a BelEve mentee? If I’m...

Her Story with Nadu Placca

With over twelve years' experience and comprehensive knowledge, Nadu is a specialist in...

You Can Do It….. You’ve Got This

My name is Annika and I feel that a lot of the time we put ourselves down because we think before...
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