After the year we have had we need more festivity, so we are bringing out all the stops to help YOU have the best Christmas, to end the year off well! So here are some decoration tips:

  • GIRL warm fairy lights are your friend! Make sure the decorations sparkle and make you feel cosy, whilst you’re watching Elf for the 5000th time!!
  • Wreaths are not just made for doors! Put it on your stair banister to give the house that Christmas Movie Vibe! Live out your Christmas fairy tale this year!
  • Use novelty Christmas kitchenware, such as biscuit tins, tea towels, apron etc, so that when you’re baking your gingerbread biscuits you will feel like you’re in Winter Wonderland.
  • Fill your Christmas tree with lots of baubles and sparkly decorations to make the tree glisten with the lights. Especially as it gets darker we need some Christmas lights !
  • I also love using lanterns for different parts of the house to make the house feel even more warm and comfy. 
  • Use outdoor Christmas light up decorations for inside to make the hallway feel Christmassy, it gives a super festive look, especially when all the main lights are on.
  • If you’re using warm lights for your tree stick to red, green, gold, cream and browns for your tree decorations to create the perfect aesthetic.
  • If you’re using white light then use silver, white and glass decorations, to form that White Christmas glow girl! 
  • If you’re using ribbon instead of tinsel for your tree, then weave the ribbon in and out the branches. Trust me it will take your tree from a 7/10 to a 12/10!
  • When it comes to Christmas present wrapping, stick to the same colour scheme as the tree, that way when you take those pictures it will all match beautifully. 

If you try any of these tips out, contact us and let us know!

A reminder that this year has been difficult, so make sure to celebrate well and gift yourself something this Christmas because you deserve it !

Written by Erica Raimondi