We can all struggle sometimes to find that balance between allowing time to relax and not completely abandoning our responsibilities on our breaks. So I’ve put together a few tips to help stay organised during the holidays:

Tip #01: Allow yourself time to relax

The months leading up to the Christmas holidays are almost always the busiest times on the academic calendar, and therefore it’s important to allow yourself a well deserved break. Giving yourself time to actually relax is so important for allowing you to reflect on your accomplishments in the recent months as well as ensure that you do not burn out by the time you have to return to work/school. This is the time to unwind and put more of your energy into the things that fulfil you and clear your mind so that you can enter the New Year refreshed and energised.

Tip #02: Get yourself into a routine

Do you feel the need to consume all your time with your work – it could instead consist of small tasks such as making your bed or checking your emails at a certain points in the day. Getting into a routine will also avoid the tendency to over/undersleep during the holidays, so that you always have a sufficient amount of time allocated to whatever tasks you need to do. (I am certainly guilty of sleeping through half of the day and wondering where all the time went!

Tip #03: Make sure to stay active

As much as it can be difficult to stay motivated in the colder weather, staying active can be a great way to help you stay organised. Exercising will enable you to produce those amazing happy hormones that in turn will put you in a better mental state to approach the tasks you need to carry out during the holidays. Not to mention, it’s always important to prioritise your health!

Tip #04: Make a List and Check it twice

Making To-do lists at the start/end of the day for the following day is a great way to document what tasks need to be done. These do not need to consist of large tasks but instead small, achievable tasks so you can delagate your work and not feel overwhelmed.

As well as this, it’s important to recognise the progress you are making, and so making a ‘Done List’ will enable you to see everything you have already completed so you have a sense of achievement after completing your tasks. This will then motivate you to stay on top of your tasks and be more organised overall for the holidays.

Above all, enjoy yourself and time with close ones!

Happy holidays everyone,
Jenn P x