Hela Wozniak-Kay
The Soul of Sister Snog
Mentor since 2019

Hela is The Connectress. A charismatic catalyst who connects trailblazing female founders and women brimming with entrepreneurial spirit so they can become cheerleaders & champions for each other. She cut her teeth working with some of the most challenging brand agencies in London and spent a year in Warsaw, delivering exactly the right service to a collection of demanding clients and high profile brands. This experience provided her with a framework to step into the shoes of a brand owner herself. Hela’s the soul of a power-brand led by women-for-women. Sister Snog ( is a beautiful business that’s created an ecosystem where like-minded go-getters can help and support each other continue to thrive, boost their bottom line, supercharge their business and invigorate their brand. One sparkling connection at a time.

● Hela’s depth-&-breadth of knowledge of the entrepreneurial mind-set has made her an ideal judge at The Small Awards.

● She’s played an active role at National Freelancers Day delivering workshops on personal branding and collaboration.

● She’s one of the hundred female founders in the F:Entrepreneur #ialso 100 Hall of Fame while Sister Snog is in the #smallbiz100 this year and winner of the Best Networker category at the 2019 Best Business Women Awards.

Hela is in daily contact with a cross section of business women so she both understands the challenges of being a small business owner and the challenges small business owners face. And conquer. On a daily basis.

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