Lauren Gregory
Marketing & Communications, Battenhall
Mentor since 2019

I’m currently a Senior Account Manager at Battenhall, a social-first communications agency in London. I’ve worked in the Social Media industry since graduating from university and I have loved my education and career journey to-date. I don’t always choose the smoothest path, I changed university courses two years into my degree, but there’s a lot to be learnt along the way and it’s all great experience.

My career goal at the moment is just to continue progressing in my career, to raise my profile within the industry, and to also help others achieve their goals. It’s really tricky for me to pin point my biggest achievement, this year I promoted some of my team from interns through to assistant account executives and on to account executives which was really rewarding, just to see how much it meant to them. For my career personally, one of my proudest moments was probably being freelance for a year, having my own clients and proving to myself that I can run my own business and do it successfully. I’m really looking forward to pairing up with a mentee and then embarking on the journey that is to come.

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