Leila Gregory
Software Tester, The App Business
Mentor (2019-2021)

Leila is a software tester based at a leading consultancy in London.  When she’s not working her day job, she’s an award – winning blogger and influencer based in Surrey where she lives with her husband and two boys.

She’s the founder of Girls ‘n Gadgets, a technology review website, which promotes a strong female voice in the tech community. As a result of her advocacy of women in tech, Leila was one of 50 women to be chosen by Nokia to take part in their Remarkable Women Campaign, which included celebrities, sports women and company founders from various industries.

Leila is a mum (and step-mum) to two boys aged 8 and 14. Her youngest has ADHD and her eldest has Autism, dyspraxia and impaired hearing. She is passionate about raising awareness about special needs and is keen to change the stigma around children with needs. As well as vlogging and blogging, Leila runs a NAS (National Autistic Society) supported, support group for parents with children who are diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and other forms of special needs.

Leila’s experience includes sales (property and recruitment), digital marketing, community management and software development.

When Leila’s not working, blogging and running support groups, she loves to do karate, pilates, crafting and especially loves drinking tea.

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