Louise Deverell-Smith
Founder, Daisy Chain
Mentor (2019-2021)

Since I started Daisy Chain in 2017, we have gone from strength to strength. But the big issues that many working parents face haven’t gone away.

Before Daisy Chain was created I was working in recruitment, and I saw first-hand how many mums were missing out on great jobs because the employers just weren’t taking their needs into consideration, mostly around childcare. Not only was this unfair, it just didn’t make sense! What if employers were a bit more flexible in their approach towards working parents? Just think of the talent they would retain!

So, after the birth of my daughter, Daisy (and yes, Daisy Chain is named after her!) I decided to take the plunge and launch Daisy Chain. And it’s been quite a ride!

Apart from placing mums and dads with family-friendly employers across a wide range of industries, we have supported events run by Pregnant then Screwed and Mother Pukka (AKA Anna Whitehouse), and I was included on the #ialso f:entrepreneurs Top 100!

But most of all, I have LOVED meeting with all the mums, dads and amazing employers who get what we’re trying to do. We have placed our candidates with the right employers and both parties are really happy with the result.

I want my Daisy to grow up in a world of equal opportunity, where she will look back on the current situation with disbelief. And I am proud beyond belief to be part of a movement that is pushing for a flexible future.

So join us for free, let’s keep daisy chain making!

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