Meggy Sailer
Human Resources, VMWARE
Mentor since 2019
Meggy grew up in Vienna, Austria and completed an apprenticeship as office assistant within one of the largest housing associations across Vienna. She always had a passion for other countries, and travel and decided to relocate to the UK 15 years ago and started working within recruiting agencies and in-house as she had found her passion in Talent Attraction. She had the chance to join major growth companies such as BlackBerry (RIM) as much as Hewlett Packard. During a later stage in her career she got an once in a lifetime opportunity to help build companies like Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer and most recently Lilium Aviation. She was an integral part to transform these companies from start ups (when nobody knew these companies existed), to them now being known in their that  their industries, and beyond.
Meggy is passionate about diversity, equality, coaching and is a lifetime learner. Next to that she loves to be out in nature riding horses and spending time at her local stable.

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