Sophie Tapper
Marketing Manager at WPP
Mentor Since 2020

Sophie is a Marketing Manager at WPP, focusing on driving growth and integration for WPP’s second-largest global client, Unilever. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Sophie made the move across the water to study Human, Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. After graduating, she started her career as part of the WPP Fellowship, a global, multidisciplinary marketing programme which allows Fellows to undertake three year-long rotations in any three WPP companies around the world, in a range of marketing and communications roles. The fellowship gave her the opportunity to work in both London and New York for agencies including  Ogilvy, Grey, and Kantar.Sophie is passionate about the power of brands and corporations to have a positive impact not only on their sector but on society at large. She believes that the future of her industry rests upon ensuring that everything that is communicated, and all decisions that are made, are done so by diverse teams in environments that are inclusive. This rests upon setting up young people for success, regardless of their background. When not in the office (or working from home!) you may find Sophie failing miserably at learning Icelandic or training for her first-ever half marathon.

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