Must Have Stocking Fillers

By Erica Raimondi

On 13th December 2021
Have you struggled to find the stocking fillers that your loved one will like? Well look no further because we have a whole list to get you through this.

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Have you struggled to find the stocking fillers that your loved one will like? Well look no further because we have a whole list to get you through this.


There is not one person I know that doesn’t love a good candle. To be able to light a nice scented candle/ Essential oils after a long day is a whole vibe and I can assure you this will be a gift that will be used daily. I definitely recommend Yankee Candles however The Range does dupe versions which as just as nice. If you want to go boujee and luxurious then Diptyque is the candle for you. Yankee Candles: The Range: Diptyque:

Travel Sized Make up

This is a great gift to give however, sometimes the full sized products can be a little bit expensive. That’s why we suggest the travel sized versions. They’re handy, cute and can fit in any bag without struggling to close it shut. Personally I love the MAC setting spray travel sized to keep your makeup in place during a long day out or the Fenty mini highlighter / Lipgloss to keep your makeup poppin’ throughout the day. Mini Make up Products:

Fluffy socks / Slippers

Who doesn’t love fluffy socks during the cold winter?! They’re the best and will keep your feet warm and cosy when you want to watch tv and chill or wear winter boots. Fluffy Socks:

Selfie Light

Those times when you are on your way to a motive and want to talk a selfie in the car but its too dark? Well this selfie light will help you so much! They’re small and lightweight, you can chuck it in your clutch and then pull it out to take your selfie. Selfie Light:

Phone Charger

There has been many times where you loose your cable when you’ve been out or even in the house. This is a perfect stocking filler because “What battery percentage are you on?” is SO annoying to hear. Phone Cable:

Face and Body products

I love receiving body products like lotions, hand creams and bath bombs. its always fun to switch it up and try different scented lotions. One thing I know a lot of people LOVE to receive are nail polish! The Essie nail polishes are amazing and or if you want to go all out then OPI Nail Polishes are elite. Baylis & Harding: Essie Nail Polish: OPI Nail Polish:

Chocolates & Sweets

Chocolates & sweets are a must have in a stocking. Dairy milk, Galaxy, Haribos, we want the whole lot please and thanks! You can buy them in almost any story but the supermarkets like Tesco or Asda will give you the best deals.

I hope this blog has given you some ideas for your stockings! If you have any suggestions that you think we should add then send us an email here.

Written by Erica Raimondi

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