The notion of being perfect is overrated because if you have already achieved it, what next? Never accept perfection because that is a barrier into achieving more. Never limit yourself on how far you can go, embrace challenges and conquer fear to take ownership of your world.

Every journey is your own so it’s impossible to compare yourself to others because people come from and are going to different places. They will be dealing with an array of personal battles and environments unique to them; these experiences and how you choose to deal with it shapes your outlook of the world.

This is by no means a template of how you should act, determine your personality or configure your thought processes. Create your own destiny, feed yourself positivity and productive habits, and do not let negative things in your past set the tone for your future.

Surround yourself with achievers do not rely on others to motivate you, that strength and for it to be sustainable must come from within. Stop trying to impress people who have no substance and waste your efforts on things that do not bring value or enrich your life, create a plan with results and continue to always strive for excellence.

Ask yourself why you want a career, why do you want a better life, Keep your goals present and adjust them when things change, which they will, for better or worse don’t let a hurdle make you throw the towel in, don’t give in to pain or give failure a voice. It is not the be all and end all, there is more to your story.

Good and bad chapters come and go, don’t get stuck in either place and accept the next phase. Welcome change because it enables you to grow, if you’re the same person in a year or two, where is your development?

Open your mind to recognise what a good work ethic entails not just be blinded by the shining result at the end, recognise the struggles it takes to achieve something with meaning. There is beauty in the journey, in the imperfections.

Perfection lies in the satisfaction of knowing you gave every situation your best, don’t cheat yourself or allow others to accept or expect a low standard from you, you are always presenting yourself so do not close doors on opportunities you never saw coming, knowledge gained is never wasted no matter how small it may seem.

Perfection has a time limit, something may be complete, served its purpose and be the best it can be, only till the next best comes along, so take charge and always be a step ahead as perfection has an expiry date and that is Now, you’re already in the past.

By Mohbeen Mushtaq