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For as long as she can remember, AURUM + GREY founder Talya Paskin has had a passion for the majesty of the jewellery experience.  Growing up with idyllic Summers spent in her family holiday home in Tel Aviv, London-based Talya would end every Summer with a special visit to a local jewellery shop to pick out an artisan-crafted piece to mark a summer full of memories.  It was here that she realised the power of jewellery being so symbolic; more than just an accessory. 

Fast forward to 2015 Tayla gave birth to two babies; her daughter and AURUM + GREY. ⁠Her unique pieces started being worn by friends, family and even celebrities like the Kardashian / Jenner Family. She really is an inspiration to all of us and a true example that you can turn your hobby into a successful business 

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