There’s a voice inside of you, USE IT!

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At BelEve, we aim to teach girls how to exercise the power of their voice. It’s vital to be a good leader as this then boosts your self-worth, as well as makes you a better role model to others. Below are the four core principles of becoming a better leader in your own life, your community as well as in the world.


  1. Developing your potential:

It’s important to recognise your own potential before you can start recognising the potential in others. One of the biggest traps that people lacking in confidence fall into is dwelling on the negatives. Tracking your success, regardless of how big or small it is is a great way to restore balance in the way you think about yourself. When you’ve highlighted the areas you’re strong at, why not look for ways to develop them even further.


  1. Taking responsibility:

In order to be an effective leader, you’ll have to take ownership of your behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour. Acceptance of a problem is always the beginning of a solution and until you accept accountability for your own failures, it’ll be very difficult for you to develop self-respect or even have the respect of others.


  1. Creating communication:

Learning how to speak honestly with others and acknowledging their feelings is another way of becoming a good leader. On one hand, it’s liberating to say what’s on your mind but words have an impact so remember to always think before you speak.


  1. Building community:

Developing relationships with people of a different gender, race, religion, sexuality or social class to you is a great way of learning more about the world. You need to step outside your comfort zone and recognise the value of diversity.


Harry Potter author J.K Rowling (pictured L) and Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai (pictured R) are both examples of great female leaders. They succeeded in using their voice and so can you!





Beleve UK runs ‘Lead Your Ship’ – a 6-week workshop programme that aims to empower and inspire girls in becoming a good leader. If you’re interested in this, please contact 020 3372 5779 or


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