Hey everyone we are Titsandbits_x and we have been given this amazing opportunity to write for you guys about our business.

A little bit about us:

Titsandbits_x is run by us, Emilia and Jade. We are both university students going into our second year – Emilia does Education and English and Jade does Creative Writing. We are both 19 and are not your typical teens! Both in bed by 10 with a book kinda gals! 

A little bit about our business:

We started our business in January 2021. After the devastation COVID 19 caused in 2020 we wanted to start something that would lift people’s spirits and bring to their attention how perfect every person is. If COVID taught us anything it is how precious life is and how we should not spend our lives being so caught up on what we look like or how much weight we should lose etc. Our main aim when starting our business was to bring around a sense of community – a safe space for everyone – and a space where people are encouraged to love themselves – no matter their colour, their weight, their gender, their height etc etc. It is important that we show love to each other and ourselves. It is a lot easier to preach self love than it is to carry it out but we hoped that our small business would be a stepping stone for anyone on that journey. 

Our small business is all about love of bodies, mainly female (WE LOVE BOOBIES), but we support each and every person so we are 100% willing to adapt our material for you. We also have a hint of swears thrown in here and there for good measure! An example of things we may do are totes bags, prints and canvases – they are our main three that we sell. We embroider and paint our totes – we offer set designs and customisable (when requested). We mainly work out of our instagram (@titsandbits_x) but we also have Facebook, TikTok and sell on etsy – so you can find us pretty much everywhere. 

How to start your own business: 

Jade – “JUST GO FOR IT!” 

Emilia – “Have a look around and make a plan” 

We both cancel each other out really well and that’s why we work! We would 100% say go for it! Follow any dream you have but to make a successful business you need to have a plan – what is your business about? What products will you sell? How are you going to advertise? 

Our starting plan was to use the stuff we already had – Jade loved to paint anyway and Emilia had printers and card etc. – we had to buy some stuff such as tote bags and embroidery thread but we started on a minimum amount and worked up. We decided that we would start on instagram and once we had a stable following we would introduce Etsy and TikTok. One thing to take into consideration is TikTok requires all videos – which require more planning, more time and a lot more effort in general. We also use facebook but find it does not get as much attention as the others do. 

Some of our recommendations:

1. Start cheap – shops like Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, The Works, Wilko are all great places to start 

2. Start with your friends and family – get them to start sharing your business, give them a few freebies etc. 

3. Try a few PR boxes – if you are able to send some boxes out to influencers with 10K+ followers you are likely to get some following from that 

4. Get yourself into small business groups – most small business owners are lovely and if you find a good bunch you can often get into a promotional circle where people share each other’s products

5. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – you still have to compete with other small businesses and retail shops 

6. Look on etsy to see what others are pricing their similar products at – you don’t want to be cutting your profit too much but also want to charge a reasonable price 

7. Decide where you are going to promote – if you chosen social is instagram find some small business markets or if you love facebook get yourself into groups 

8. Use resident pages (we use resident groups on facebook) – if you get local orders you may also be able to save on postage by posting yourself

9. Remember you can’t do everything on your own – and this is your own business – don’t do something you are not comfortable with – and go at your own pace! 

10. HAVE FUN WITH IT! – if it is not something you enjoy then you won’t continue with it and you will fall out of love with your business. 

Love Titsandbits_x