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By chyloe.powell

On 31st January 2018
Julie Zeilinger + Instagram: @juliezelinger Julie Zeilinger is a writer and feminist blogger. A notable Blog post ’Technology and the Future of Feminism’ she denotes there are three […]

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Julie Zeilinger +

Instagram: @juliezelinger

Julie Zeilinger is a writer and feminist blogger. A notable Blog post ’Technology and the Future of Feminism’ she denotes there are three aspects feminist blogging which promote feminist activism; the right for young women to have thoughts and feelings and the space to voice them online, the sense of community that it creates and encourages, and its ability to democratize the feminist movement and allow for greater inclusivity.The ability for females to post their personal beliefs online is indeed an act of feminism.

Zeilinger points out, women are rarely encouraged to express their emotions and intelligence and are often portrayed as inferior beings. She has also written a book ‘A little F’d up’ that debunks Myths about modern youths. She has appeared in Times London and Forbes as a top Influential blogger and her work published in the Huffington post.

Tavi Gevinson

Instagram: @tavitulle

Tavi Gevinson is a writer, editor and actress. She garnered public attention for her blog the Style Rookie at just 12 Years old, by 15 her focus was on pop culture and feminist discussion. The popularity of her blog led her to be invited to Paris and New York Fashion week. Her site Rookie Magazine explores topics that impact teenage girls, written by teenage girls. In 2012 she was invited to TEDxTeen on the representation of women in popular culture. She has also appeared in both Forbes and Time Magazine as an Influential teen.

Ruby Karp

Instagram: @rubycarp

Ruby Carp is a writer, and comedian. At just 7 years old she was interviewed by Amy Poehler, at 10 she was a columnist on Hello Giggles founded by Zooey Deshchanel writing on the poor representation of girls on TV and self-confidence tips. Carp has also written articles for Refinery29 and Mashable, one entitled ‘I’m 13 and none of my friends use Facebook’ which went viral.

She has spoken about being a feminist on TEDx and is an ambassador for Dove on positive body image. She was on an MTV sketch show and has performed with Aziz Ansari. Ruby has also written a book ‘Earth Hates Me: True Confessions from a Teenage Girl.

In her SweetyHigh Interview she says, ‘In a world where girls can be critical of eachother and put others down, I hope to be a rolemodel when I’m older, we need to start raising girls to love girls and support feminism, Girl power is important because we shouldn’t be put down because of stereotypes.

Besma Whayeb

Instagram: @besmacc

Besma Whayeb is an ethical lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. Her blog, Curiously Conscious, has become a hub for a new generation of conscious consumers, focusing on natural and organic beauty, ethical fashion and homewares, healthy food, and wellness experiences. Her ethos ‘To look for better things in life’, She also writes for The Huffington Post and has been featured in BuzzFeed, Country Homes & Interiors, Harper’s Bazaar ES, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Times Magazine.

Jeannie Mark

Instagram: @nomadicchick

Jeannie Mark is a writer, public speaker and co-founder Creative Revolution Retreats -a women focused writers retreat. Mark left a thriving corporate career and decided to buy a one- way ticket to India and has been solo travelling ever since.  We are often told we can’t do things like reinvent ourselves or alter your path, She says Nomadic Chick is about possibilities that are not defined by a zip code, to leap in with your eyes closed and take chances with your life. No matter what your age, your location or accomplishments. Because travel and life is just that, a wonderful, bold, cheeky and exhilarating ride. She also posts her journey blogs on Twitter and offers great advice for women travelling alone.


By Mohbeen Mushtaq.






Written by chyloe.powell

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