According to the Women in Sport organisation, 1.9 million girls in the UK are playing less sport than boys each week. And that’s a shame because sport benefits us, both physically, mentally and socially. Perhaps one of the reasons girls are less likely to get involved in sport stems from the lack of media exposure given to female athletes, or the fact there are less opportunities for girls to be more active. We highlighted the reasons why you should be getting more involved with sport and exercise.


Playing sport helps improve your grades:

Sport requires memory and concentration and this can be an advantage when it comes to exams.


Playing sport builds your self-esteem:

Sport boosts your confidence because you’re becoming more healthy and strong, seeing your skills improving as well as your goals becoming reality.


Playing sport makes you a better team player:

Football and basketball are fantastic sports because it means that you’ll be playing in a team. Being able to work with other people is a great skill to have because it leads to success on the field, in the classroom as well as the workplace.


Exercising cuts the pressure:

Exercise is a great way to lift your mood and relieve stress, particularly when you’re studying for exams. Plus, when you are playing football for example, you have your teammates who can support you both on and off the field.