LeadHership – InsideOutME Workshop (12-15 years old)

BelEve HQ 372 Brockley Road, London, United Kingdom

This session focuses on building self-esteem via themed art and crafts that explore self-expression and being able to communicate their individuality, and who you are as a person, and show off the many diverse BelEve females who exist in the community. Your ability to communicate, be creative, and be flexible will be put to work […]

LeadHerShip Trip – Escape Room (12-15 yrs olds)

A Trip for Girls 12-15 to Escape Rooms - find clues, solve logic puzzles, break the codes and find the key to your freedom.   escape.  Engage in an interactive activity that encourages you to utilise your observation and problem-solving skills, allowing your team to collaborate effectively. You will start the day by meeting at our […]

LeadHerShip I Challenge YOU Workshop (12-15 yrs)

BelEve HQ 372 Brockley Road, London, United Kingdom

A workshop for girls aged 12-15 to will challenge your ability to delegate, remain motivated, and maintain a good positive attitude. In this session, the idea of self-awareness - the capacity to recognise and comprehend the factors that influence our behaviour—is explored. The dress code is a SPLASH of red to symbolise the summer of […]

LeadHerShip Summer Trip – Roller Skating At Flippers (12-15 years)

Join us for a trip to Flippers.  Come and skate with us and raise your confidence on the skate floor as we sing along to the latest music.   We will meet at our HQ at 1.30p-45pm 372 Brockley Road, SE4 2BY  and will start our journey at 14:00.

LeadHerShip Pieces of ME, Pieces of US Sip & Paint Workshop (12-15)

A Sip and Paint workshop for young women aged 12-15  to come together and be creative in a safe space.  ArtxMusicxSelfExpression. Come and unleash your creativity with like-minded young women as we listen to music and sip some mocktails. All paint and supplies, artist instructors to help you create.

LeadHerShip Summer BelEve Day-time Slumber Party (12-15 years)

We're going out on a BANG to cap off the glorious summer of love! Come for the games, mini DIY photo booth, mocktails, pimp your popcorn station, and many other things at our very own BelEve Day-time Slumber Party. Bring a cushion and your enthusiasm for a spontaneous and enjoyable event; the dress code is […]