Gainergang is a Direct-To-Consumer e-commerce activewear business that launched in March 2021 and was founded by Etse & Osa Iluobe. The brand slogan is Aim. Train. Gain and this captures the essence of the brand’s fundamental marketing philosophy: boldness. Gainergang was formed due to the founders being passionate about: working out, fashion, clothing design, the absence of a brand that is truly authentic in the space within the UK, and the desire to create a brand that we would like to see and whose clothes we’d like to wear.

“To date, I am proud to say that Gainergang has launched 2 lines across the menswear and womenswear ranges the first being Exordium Collection followed by the Pinnacle Collection and I am seeking to build on from the momentum that the brand has garnered thus far” – Co-Founder Etse

Being an activewear brand, it comes as no secret to say that we are in a competitive, yet rapidly growing market that they believe represents the future of clothing culture, of which Gainergang aspires to shape and be a part of. The creativity that characterises our clothing has not gone unnoticed by our customers, we seek to be different and take risks in the colour ways, fits, designs, and fabrics that we provide customers and take inspiration from within, rather than from other major brands who already have an established identity. The founder’s vision for the brand is to reflect the brand’s values consistently and continuously across its clothing, marketing, outreach, and content. To be the reason why people discover fitness and make it their lifestyle. Lastly, to be a cultural fitness icon as a brand.  

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