Mentor since 2019

After graduating from university in 2000, I started working in a Global Media and Marketing Agency and there I completed my professional accountancy qualification. 

I’m currently working for another Global Media company in a role that I enjoy, as it is forever challenging and rarely monotonous, so keeps me on my toes! I manage a large team and love being in a position where I am able to engage with people from very diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. Alongside my role, I am a mental health ally in the workplace and also have been appointed to sit on the management board. 

I have experienced first hand how beneficial it can be to have a mentor in my corner, navigating me through tough times and helping me craft my vision by guiding me, so that I was able to break down my goals into short, medium and long term tranches. 

There is a lesson in everything that will grow you as a person. Life can also throw curve balls at any time and I’m committed to being a sounding board for a mentee so that they can make informed decisions and realise their true potential. Providing support at all times and sharing my experiences where beneficial. 

One of the most valuable things we can do in life is to inspire. I’d love to inspire someone on this amazing scheme to grow and become an inspiration to someone else. 

Here’s to winners and future leaders!