Sarah Dennis
HR Professional, DWB HR Professional Service
Mentor since 2019

An interim Senior HR professional with over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Sarah started her career at 16 as a typist at the Bank of England and found that with supportive management and mentoring herself she was able to successfully transition and develop a successful HR career across a number of HR roles including HR operations, employee relations, service delivery and working closely with HR Directors. Sarah has led large teams of HR administrators and enjoyed mentoring and managing individuals to support them in identifying their strengths and areas for development.

During her career Sarah has mentored and managed a high number of individuals and appreciates the benefit of having a mentor and positive role model during her own career.

She also set up and ran an administrator forum for over 250 administrators within the Financial Conduct Authority to help them identify areas and ways to develop their careers.

Sarah moved into the interim contracting space four years ago and has led key projects and workstreams across HR helping organisations to improve their service and process delivery within higher education and financial services. She is currently working at Legal & General leading two key HR programmes.

On a personal level Sarah raised a family as a single parent and enjoys reading, holidays (sunshine is her driver), spending time with friends and participating in different fitness activities (pilates, zuma etc).


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