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Designed to raise aspirations and leadership, increase their self confidence, create access to positive role models and empower girls and young women to embrace their uniqueness.

Our Programmes

BEAM girls

empowerment club

Ages: 8-13

An empowerment programme that can be delivered in schools, as an afterschool club, in youth settings and online. Participants explore issues affecting them and their peers through small group discussions, fun activities and personal reflection. Participants are peer mentored within the sessions.

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Lead Her Ship

early careers

Ages: 12-15

How do you feel when you hear the phrase; this is a man’s world? Well, we are dismantling that concept by developing the next generation of female leaders.

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Beleve in Her Success

mentoring programme

Ages: 16-22

This programme promotes girls’ and young women’s side hustle and business acumen, empowering and encouraging them in their various career endeavours.

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It Is That Deep

sexual harassment

Ages: 14-22

A co-creating campaign by young women for young people to raise awareness and encourage the call out – of modern sexual harassment.

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Raise aspirations and leadership amongst girls and young women

Increase self-belief and self-confidence

Empower girls to embrace their uniqueness

Create access to positive female role models

Facilitate access to opportunities and experiences


"BelEve Uk have delivered 2 programmes at Addey and Stanhope school. Each time I have found the facilitators an absolute pleasure to work with, they are well organised and build a special rapport with the girls in the group. I have recognised positive changes in students on completion of the programme. The girls are more driven and have started to explore their thought process more in relation to decision making for their future. BelEve UK support young females to acknowledge that they are in their own driving seat. Each workshop addresses many issues young people face today, that in some cases potentially hinder development and growth. Chyloe and Ashleigh work hard to break down those barriers! I look forward to working with Chyloe and Ashleigh again in the future, keep up the good work."


Addey and Stanhope School

"BelEve UK ran a very successful and well attended series of workshops for us in 2017, helping our young ladies gain insights and skills into greater self-belief and forward planning. The feedback was very positive and we intend repetition in due course."

Rebecca Long

Director – Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust

"On behalf of Lambeth Career Clusters and our partner organisation London South Bank University, I would like to thank the whole team for the excellent work undertaken throughout the delivery of BelEve’s most innovative and inspiring programme for Looked After Children in secondary schools. The impact of your well planned and executed sessions on students was profound, enabling them to further formulate plans around future careers and develop their personal aspirations. We have sincerely enjoyed working with such consummate professionals who exuded excellence throughout and look forward to the opportunity of working with BelEve in the future. Keep up the great work – our very best wishes Chyloe, Marsha and Team BelEve."

Juliet Williams

Project Manager – Lambeth Career Clusters

"BelEve is an organisation with a social mission to empower girls to foster strength of character, change the way they view and feel about themselves, and embrace their unique individuality. Since working with our girls at Sandhurst Primary School we have noticed a definite paradigm shift in the way our girls view and feel about themselves by changing the way they think and act one step at a time. The BEAM programme has empowered our girls by introducing them to a new way of thinking about themselves others and the world around them. Beam is a process that can assist in learning life skills and how to deal with one’s self by creating self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve success in life. They have taught our girls, along side the schools ethos, to strive to instill skills which establish and maintain positive relationships, promote effective decision making, and exhibit responsible behaviours. Sandhurst staff, parents and especially the children have been privileged to have such an association with BelEve and would highly recommend them to other schools, primary and secondary."

Mrs Stephanie Taylor

Clubs Administrator – Sandhurst Primary School, Catford, London

"Working for BelEve has been an exciting opportunity for me. This small and intimate organisation has enlightened me to the hard work these lovely ladies put into their girls. I inherited various responsibilities across departments such as, design, research, marketing and social media, which I wouldn’t have otherwise working for a larger company. This has now provided me with a wide range of skills which can help me further my career in this sector. Furthermore, assisting with their workshops, not only opened my eyes to the need for BelEve’s services, but taught me and reminded me to love myself. Lastly, the energy, laughter and kindness of Ashleigh and Chyloe, meant that I saw my duties with BelEve has a hobby rather than a job and I will miss being a part of their jo."

Demi Yarwood

19, BelEve Intern

"Interning at BelEve made me realise that being a writer was definitely the right career path for me. I had to write blogs as part of my internship and I thoroughly enjoyed writing about different topics that affected young girls and women. It was an opportunity to express my opinion and give BelEve's website a personal touch. Chyloe and Ashleigh were very supportive and understanding throughout my internship. Their passion and dedication to BelEve is inspiring."


19, BelEve Intern

"I've never really taken time out to do this but I would like to show my appreciation to the founders of BelEve UK and thank them for every opportunity they've presented me with. BelEve UK have inspired, empowered and supported me through several academic and personal scenarios in my life. As old as I am, I still need guidance and positive role models. I started off as that young person in one of their sessions: Shy, confused and struggling to know myself. Let's just say, self belief didn't exist at that stage in my life. Through guidance, support and a space to get to know myself, I have become a confident individual. I know my worth and I have my own personal vision and dream to achieve. They have taught me how to embrace not only my uniqueness and individuality but also how to appreciate and celebrate other people's. Through mentorship, I am now in full time employment and also work alongside the team girls as one of their lead mentors I'm blessed to be apart of their past and present and look forward to making history with them as they launch some exciting things."

Imahra Skelly Gil


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