Summertime Madness: The Glimmer of Hope that Might Become our Downfall

by | Apr 5, 2021 | beleve, Current Affairs | 0 comments


Warmer Weather

Spring seems to be making an entrance with her bipolar ways, but that hasn’t stopped the British public from taking advantage of the sun while it lasts. The past few days, social media has been flooding timelines of jam-packed parks, beach adventures, and water fights. By all means, we’ve all been locked up and are in desperate need of some kind of fun, but we are definitely forgetting the long-term issues that we will face from short-term fun.

The ‘New Normal’

Coronavirus restrictions have become the ‘new normal’, and because of this normalisation we have become desensitized to the number of deaths and health issues that have arisen from covid, we no longer live in fear like at the beginning of 2020 but are willing to take these risks. The situation at hand has further fragmented our conflict society, in times like these it seems the only way to solve the issue is to have value consensus; a mutual agreement to refrain from indulging in activities that could make the problem worse.

Waiting for What’s to Come

From the experience of just living in Britain everyone gets excited by the prospect of the sun making an entrance when the majority of the year is filled with cold, windy and rainy weather, however, being practically locked up for a year has changed this excitement to a frenzy. With so many people adamant about not missing out on a second summer all most people can do is observe and hope that this glimmer of excitement and hope does not lead to another lockdown.


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