Don’t be afraid to speak up and defend yourself!

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There’s no denying it: This has been a hectic month for women coming forward about the times they’ve been assaulted and taken advantage of. With the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the recent news of Baby Driver actor Kevin Spacey seducing underage boys, as well as the #MeToo campaign currently trending on social media, avoiding headlines and conversations about sexual harassment has been nearly impossible. But sexual harassment doesn’t just happen in Hollywood. It can happen anywhere: at home, at work and in school. A 2017 survey conducted by Girlguidng showed that 64% of girls aged 13-21 in the UK had experienced sexual harassment in school or college over the past 12 months.

So what is sexual harassment? It can range from someone name-calling you or touching you without your permission. Teenage girls often have their male classmates shout derogatory names at them, attempt to untie their bras, as well as look up their skirts. According to Girlguiding statistics, 51% of 11-21 year olds say that their choice of what to wear is linked to fear about sexual harassment and 49% say that their body confidence is affected by this. It’s so important to tell your parent, teacher or even better, the police if someone is making you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid of the consequences because it’s unlikely that you as the victim will be reprimanded.  It’s so much better speaking up in the face of injustice rather than maintaining silence.


So does #MeToo relate to you? If so, how did you deal with the situation?

Get in touch with Beleve UK at 020 3372 5779. Also contact The Survivor’s Trust at 0808 801 0818.


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