Don’t let social media dictate your life!

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Social media has had a huge impact on society. It has changed how we communicate with one another, how we entertain ourselves, as well as the way we collect and store information. We are living in a world where most young people don’t go a day without using their phone or computer to check how many likes they have on Instagram, or see who has tweeted them on Twitter. Social media is popular because it’s fast and interactive. You can upload a selfie on Facebook at the click of a button and it’s shared with your friends in a matter of minutes, however social media has its drawbacks and can have a negative effect on your life.

Instagram is an app where everyone portrays their “best self” and it isn’t always accurate. Kylie Jenner for example is notorious for using Photoshop and filters to alter selfies, which then makes fans feel insecure as we think we should have a face and body like hers, but it’s not a realistic image. There is a lot of pressure with Instagram – you’re judged on how your makeup looks in your selfies, or how many likes you’ve managed to get in a day. A lot of girls lose confidence if they see someone has criticised one of their posts, or has uploaded a selfie that looks better than theirs.  But you shouldn’t let Instagram dictate your life or determine your self-worth. Use social media to stay on top of the news, or connect with others; however don’t get too emotionally involved. There is a world beyond what’s on your screen.

How has social media affected you?


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