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Hey. I’m Rachael, a member of BelEve’s young leadership team. I’m currently in Year 13 studying English Lit, Politics and Psychology. I want to write this blog for those who want a preempt to school life. It can be very challenging to stay motivated when you’re within education as well as dealing with everything else in your life. So I thought I’d tell you a few things I wish someone told me.

1. Effective revision technique

Revising can honestly be one of the hardest things to do. A lot of teachers and people tend to say “make sure you revise!” But what people fail to realise is that even revising takes a lot of thought. That’s why it’s so important for you to figure out a revision technique. It might not be easy but once you’ve figured out what works for you and actually tested it by doing practice exam papers, it’ll help tremendously!

2. Self-Care & Balance

It’s easy to get all down in your books especially with the pressure! But remember to make time for yourself by doing things that make you happy and feel calm. It’s really important to balance your school work with having fun and taking care of yourself. If you’re not in the right mental state then it can impact you a lot, so make sure you take time out for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it.

3. Social life

When moving sixth forms there’s a lot of worries about making friends, fitting in etc. This is all normal and everyone else will be feeling the same too. Make sure to be yourself and you’ll find people who match your vibe. Use this new start to rebuild yourself!

If you’re genuinely just struggling in secondary school or whatever stage of education. It’s okay to feel lost and upset. I think it’s important to embrace these feelings and think about what you want and what makes you happy. Friendship disputes are literally normal and essential to growth. So, even when it’s bad just remember it’s a process.

I hope these tips help you out! If you ever feel like you need more advice or help feel free to message BelEve! We have girls at all walk of life willing to help out.

Lots of Love,

Rachael 🙂


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