Let’s talk about: Female Leadership

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And why 8 (years old) is the magic number

Let’s talk about something that’s been on our minds lately: female leadership. We know that gender equality is on the rise, but it is important to keep the conversation going, especially with school-aged girls and young women.  

That’s why we’re here to tell you about the magic number: 8. You see, having early access to mentoring and leadership programmes can make all the difference, and 8 years old is the perfect time to start.  

Here’s why

  • We know that confidence levels amongst females drops by 30% between ages 8 and 14 and further declines during adolescence.
  • Having access to leadership support and responsibilities is reported to improve feelings of self-esteem and help young women achieve personal and professional goals. 
  • It is remiss to think that all young women have the same level of access to seeing leadership in practice, they simply do not. So, if you don’t know what leadership means or feels like at 8, 12, or 15 years old you certainly won’t know what it means in a career or peer setting at 16 plus.  

“Be Curious And Think Differently”–What Female Leaders Would Tell Their Younger Selves demonstrates just how important it is for our generation to knowledge share, talk, and be open about our experiences.  Yetunde Hofmann, founder of pioneering black women’s leadership movement Solaris. says “I’d want all women to adopt the mantra: You are more than others say you are and much more than you believe you can be,”  

We know women bring unique perspectives, experiences, and skills to leadership roles that can benefit organisations and communities. And by providing young girls with access to education and mentorship opportunities, we can help them develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in leadership roles.  Surely, now is the time for leadership to put on the school syllabus as part of the PHSE or after-school activities. What are your thoughts,? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.

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