Lucy Cutter
Activation Director, Kinetic
Mentor (2019-2020)

Lucy is the Activation Director at Kinetic, responsible for a team of 35 and overseeing the Wavemaker, Independent, Direct and m/SIX business. Lucy’s overall responsibilities include management of the teams, client service and activation of the businesses OOH campaigns. Lucy is not only responsible for the business through the agencies, but overall cultural, training and development across the wider activation department. In addition to Lucy’s role at Kinetic, she sits on the Bloom Leadership Team and heads up the Mentoring Programme. Bloom is a network for women in communications and the mentoring programme offers an opportunity for  150 women in the industry with less than 5 years’ experience to have a Bloom mentor.

Before Lucy started her career in Media and Advertising she studied Geography at Portsmouth University. At school, she studied Geography, Social Biology and English Literature. 

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband, scampi their dog, family and friends and going to the gym. Lucy loves travelling and experiencing different cultures, foods and wines from around the world! She is also a qualified fitness instructor.

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