You Can Do It….. You’ve Got This

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My name is Annika and I feel that a lot of the time we put ourselves down because we think before actually trying. Majority of people have probably heard similar motivation, SO, what’s the point…

You’re a young independent female who is brave right? YES, YOU are brave!

So whenever you notice yourself saying you can’t, picture the end result where you have completed the task and looking back over at your hard work. This will allow you to gain a feeling of joyfulness and being empowered. This will allow you to feel accomplished as well. To explore more challenges, write down things you would like to complete and by when. From this, keep working and repeating the title of this blog and the meaning behind all this in your head whilst trying to stay resilient.  It is unfortunate to lose out on opportunities because of the two words ‘I can’t’ which are set out there to demotivate you and stop you from being the best you can be!

Athletes have said I can’t before, but how have they got to the top is by telling themselves they can do it. Don’t turn your back on a task without trying! I was surfing through the internet and came across many quotes, but one I think would fit nicely here is this one:

~Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears. ~ Laird Hamilton

This highlights the importance of a strong mindset and allowing yourself to become more open to challenges.

Annika Patel – BelEves Leadership  Board


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