What is a bully? It’s a person who makes threats, spreads rumours, physically hurts someone else as well as excludes them from a group on purpose. Bullies are usually at school or can appear online so here’s our question: Have you ever been on the receiving end of bullying? If so, we have highlighted a few ways to help deal with the bullies.

Tell an adult

It’s important to tell your teacher or parent about your problems because as an adult, it’s their responsibility to make sure you’re safe and comfortable. They are also in a position to monitor and take steps to prevent further problems.

Talk about it

Confide in someone you trust, such as a parent, sibling or friends. These people know you better than anyone else and can therefore offer some helpful solutions and even if they can’t fix the situation, talking to them will still make you feel less alone as you’ve got someone’s support.

Ignore the bullies

It’s natural to get upset by bullying, but that’s what bullies thrive on. It makes them feel more powerful knowing that they’re able to intimidate you and get away with it. Walking away, or if it’s cyber-bullying, logging out is a great tactic because when you ignore them, it shows that you don’t care. Eventually, your bully will get bored with trying to harass you.

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