With over twelve years’ experience and comprehensive knowledge, Nadu is a specialist in International Project and Event Management. The founder of the Zoo, Nadu engages closely with brands to create unique experiences for consumers and audiences.

Countries include the UK, Ghana, Europe, USA, South Africa, Tokyo, Nigeria & Senegal.

Clients include: Amy Winehouse Foundation, Shout Out UK, Volunteering Matters… to name a few.

Who were some of your role models growing up?

I can honestly say there was not one particular person that I felt was a role model throughout my time growing up. My parents, of course, played a major role and from there it was different people over different chapters of my life. A teacher from Uni, a colleague from work, a friend; one of the things I realised from early was that my network were those that I would be able to learn and grow through.

What subjects helped you do the job that you do today?

Number 1 – Maths. Not many people realise just how important Maths is in everyday life. I’m not speaking about Pythagoras Theory but maths comes up in everything, how you plan your time, how you manage logistics… it’s endless!

Business studies also helped with what I do but the thing that made it all plan out the way it did was that these were also subjects I enjoyed and teachers that allowed me to enjoy the element of learning. This plays an incredibly important role in our growth, so for that, I am grateful.

What motivated you to choose the career that you have today?

I was always the friend that would organise holiday’s, nights out, all those fun things with my friends; not realising that I was already harnessing the skills that would lead me to be successful within my career.

It was easy to build from there as I was already doing something I loved, I understood that this is a profitable passion and that I was able to align vocational studies alongside the practical experience in order to build a career for myself.

What’s the best advice you would give your younger self about starting out in your career?

To understand that it’s a lot harder than it looks. Every opportunity is disguised as work but that putting the extra work in will give you the results you want!

This career looks glamorous from the outside but to know that it is very hard work but the end result will be amazing!

Did you have a mentor? if yes how did they support you in being the inspiring woman you are today?

I have never had a mentor, I hope that makes sense. It has been those role models in my life that were mentors in disguise. To know what I know now, had I made the time and effort to have someone that I can have regular check-ins with and someone to help hold me accountable would’ve definitely been an asset to my growth and perhaps got me there sooner. That’s why I pride myself now on supporting other young women that may be interested in the field with as much knowledge and experience as possible so they can learn from my experiences to help fast track their own.