Empowering Girls for a Successful School Year!

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As summer fades and the new school year starts back up, it is important to consider what we can do to ensure that girls and young women start off on the right foot and feel empowered throughout the school year.

For girls aged 8-11, there can be a myriad of challenges and changes that make the transition to a new school difficult. One key factor that can significantly boost a girls resilience is by equipping young people with strategies and tools to support self-esteem and confidence.

So as the new school year starts back up we spoke to members of our young Leadership board, asking them what advice, and tips would you give to your younger self to help boost self-esteem and confidence this school year?

Back-to-School Tips for Girls

Moving to a new school is a big deal! Kellis says “Take your time, get to know the layout, allow yourself space to adjust to the new environment and routine. Stay positive try and focus on the excitement of new experiences and people. Keep an open mind, don’t compare the new school to your old one. And always remember it is good to talk! Discuss any concerns or anxiety with a parent, teacher or trusted adult. We all feel nervous, at times and that includes the teachers, so they will understand.” 

 Study Skills for Girls

Empowerment begins with effective study techniques that are specifically tailored to young women and girls, By adopting active learning strategies, such as group discussions and hands-on activities, young women can engage with the material more effectively and enhance their understanding.

Time management becomes a crucial component too, as this helps to prioritise tasks and create a well-balanced study routine that maximises productivity while allowing for self-care.

Equally important are note-taking tips that encourage girls to customise their approach, whether it be with colourful highlighting or organising information in visual diagrams, as this can support individual learning styles.

Building Confidence in Girls

On building confidence Naomi says “I’m currently studying Law at Bristol University. It seems like a lifetime ago when I was 8 or even 11 years old but I know that understanding yourself, your needs and how to manage them is as crucial today as it was back then.. I find these strategies helpful and I hope they help you too!”

  • Focus on your strengths – make a list of things you’re good at to build confidence. 
  • Speak up in class – don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your ideas. 
  • Try new activities – join a club or sport to meet friends and learn new skills. 
  • Eliminate negative self-talk – be your own cheerleader and stay positive. 
  • Make time for fun – schedule playtime and hobbies you enjoy. 
  • Talk to mentors – reach out to supportive adults when you need guidance. 
  • Embrace mistakes – view them as opportunities to improve and grow. 
  • Take good care of yourself – eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. 
  • Help others – perform small acts of kindness to feel empowered. 

 Overcoming Challenges

In the first weeks it may seem like there is a mountain to climb and that’s totally natural and normal. Finding your feet, setting boundaries and asking questions are all part of girls developing new skills and experiencing personal growth. It is a journey; it is not something that happens overnight. Your effort will be truly worth it as you start to feel empowered in the choices you make and the achievements you experience. 

Resources for Girls’ Education

Our online sessions and in-school programmes help young women handle stress, and improve self-esteem and confidence . If you have a daughter, are a teacher or community group leader looking for support with girls aged 8-11 please visit our BEAM Academy page or contact us via info@beleveuk.org 


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