Mentoring trends to look out for in 2024  

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Mentoring is a personal journey so our team are always looking out for new ways to delver our Believe in Her Success programme and support young women in meaningful and relatable ways. Have a read of our mentoring predictions, and if they have made you think differently about becoming a mentor or mentee we’d love to hear from you!

– Mentorship will grow beyond just career and workplace with topics. such as wellbeing, work-life balance, and other aspects of life. 

– Whilst face to face support remains important remote and virtual mentoring will continue to grow, enabling more connections between mentors and mentees who are not geographically close.

– More formal mentorship programs will be established in companies and organisations to help connections and provide support.

Peer mentoring will gain popularity. In addition to the traditional younger mentor-older mentee dynamic, peer mentoring matches people at similar career stages for mutual learning and growth. 

– Mentoring relationships will become more reciprocal. Rather than just a one-way transfer of knowledge, both mentors and mentees will share insights and experiences in a collaborative partnership. 

Mentoring will happen earlier, schools will look to mentoring to help students transition through school life as well as into work and adulthood.

– Lastly, access to mentors will increase through professional associations, non profit, conferences, and community programs that facilitate mentoring for those who do not organic connections. 

If you are a business or organisation looking at your mentoring offer for next year please get in touch:


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