BelEve is a girl-focused charity working with 8 to 18 year olds.

We BelEve it is crucial to inspire and empower girls and young women to maximize their potential and celebrate their achievements.

our social purpose


that being a girl would be so


in the 21st century?

We are told to be individual but not to stand out too much, we are told to be unique but then taught that to succeed we must conform to the status quo.

With academic pressures and today’s social media-crazed culture, society is creating a generation of girls from as young as 8 years old that lack confidence, have low aspirations, lack identity, are disengaging from school and have unrealistic notions of what they should look and behave like to be successful.




of girls aged 7-10 think boys are better than girls at being strong
of girls aged 7- 21 say gender stereotypes affect their ability to say what they think – girlguiding report 2017
of girls aged 11-21 said the advertising industry should show more positive diverse representations of girls and women



All girls and young women are empowered to become leaders of their own world.



Equipping girls and young women with the skills, support and confidence to find their voice and make informed choices about their future.


core principles

Inspiring change
Developing potential
Taking responsibility
Building community

what makes us


BelEve works not only with girls, but also with their primary influencers – parents, teachers, local communities and other youth agencies to create sustainable impact.

Our programmes are designed to support and empower girls to fulfill their life and career prospects, working alongside schools and the community to inspire individual, educational and social change.
All our platforms are underpinned by mentoring to ensure support, guidance and sustainability.

We provide tools that build self-belief, self-love, self-confidence and address emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Our focus is on leadership. We want every girl to know there is a leader within her and that within her world, anything is possible.



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funders & partners

Children In Need
City Bridge Trust
Community Fund
Deptford Challenge Trust
Lewisham Homes
Local Giving
youth first
Porter Novelli

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