You’re not imagining it: the workplace is becoming more hostile for women Part 2

There has been a visible uplift in the number of women quietly quitting and taking up entrepreneurship, do you think this is a result of them re-evaluating their relationship with the traditional workplace? 

Pathways to Change: A Young Activist’s Journey in Politics and Awareness

In an inspiring blog entry for the Diversity Diaries series, 16-year-old Sara Khalifa shares her burgeoning journey into politics and activism. A volunteer at BelEve and a part-time worker at the Violence Reduction Unit for young people, Sara’s voice is a beacon of hope and a call to action for her generation.

Introducing ‘Diversity Diaries’: A Glimpse into Sainabou’s Journey

In this thought-provoking piece, Sainabou shares her enlightening journey through the lenses of race, religion, and nationality, drawing from her vibrant experiences in both Southwest London and The Gambia.

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