It is that Deep

A co-creating campaign by young women for young people to raise awareness and encourage the call out – of modern sexual harassment.

It is that Deep

It is that Deep

sexual harassment campaign

ages 14-21

A co-creating campaign by young women for young people to raise awareness and encourage the call out – of modern sexual harassment. The campaign aims to contribute to the systematic change that the mobilisation of the #MeTOO and TimesUp movement has engendered around the world, with more girls and women feeling empowered to speak up and call out inappropriate behaviour, thereby raising awareness of the signs of sexual harassment and violence.


For young girls growing up in urban environments it can be hard to recognise and articulate harassment when it happens, as it’s often ‘normalised’ amongst peer groups, with inappropriate comments, touching and ‘ownership’ assumed to be the norm. In this context, it’s important that young people develop an understanding of what sexual harassment looks like, as well as having the confidence to call out unwanted on and offline sexual behaviours and challenge it when it happens.

The It Is That Deep Campaign equips young women with the tools to understand different forms of sexual harassment and safeguard each other, supporting girls in knowing when and how to set boundaries, in order to prevent girls from becoming victims, giving them the power to influence change systematically. 

BelEve UK has created a safe space for girls and young women to access practical resources and training, explore ideologies and exercise their voice, thereby changing the narrative for many young women in London.

the stats

1 in 2 women

are sexually harassed at some point during their academic or work life

2 out 3 girls

have been sexually harassed in public in the UK

sexual harasment is rising

The Girl Guiding Attitude Study in 2017 found 64% of girls aged 13-21 had experienced sexual harassment in school in the past year compared to 59% in 2014.

3.1% of women aged 16-59

An estimated 3.1% of women (510,000) and 0.8% of men (138,000) aged 16-59 experienced sexual assault in the last year.

Around 80%

of the women affected by sexual harassment did not report it

More than half

of UK students say they have faced unwanted sexual behaviour

the guardian


In 2018 66% of girls aged 14 to 21

told Plan UK they had experienced unwanted sexual attention or harassment in a public place

Campaign Programme


  • Train and educate 600 young women across London
  • Develop Sexual Harassment Ambassadors and support/strengthen the safeguarding measures that are already in place

How to get involved

  • Attend a monthly workshop
  • Nominate a friend to attend our monthly workshop
  • Share your stories
  • Become an IT’s That Deep Ambassador

About the workshops

The workshop will be a safe space, created to educate and empower girls and young women whilst raising awareness around Sexual Harassment issues. It provides healthy, age-appropriate messages and opens honest and engaging discussions around gender, sexuality, consent, grooming, abuse and other risks and peer issues.
The Aim
BelEve’s Sexual Harassment campaign, IT IS That Deep aims to respond to emerging trends and promote awareness and education, tackling the issues surrounding Sexual Harassment.
We also aim to equip young women with the tools to safeguard each other alongside supporting them in knowing when and how to set boundaries. We want girls to know that it’s not OK for someone to touch your bum or breast, unless you want them to. And if you call it out, you are not being “frigid” you are being powerful.
What you will take away
● an understanding sexual harassment
● an understanding of consent
● preventing/dealing with online abuse
● be able to identify the different forms of inappropriate sexual advances
● gain tools to tackle any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature
Our ask…..
We would love you to join our pay if forward IT IS That Deep initiative.  We want 500 girls to attend this workshop in 2021, so more young women gain the knowledge and tools to challenge Sexual Harassment. We are asking you to nominate two girls after you attend the workshop, so we can double up the movement.
  • Attend a monthly workshop by booking here

We will support you, listen to you,

and most importantly –

Believe in You

because It Is That Deep.

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