3 Ways Charitable Funding has Empowered our Charity

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Did you know that female-focused U.K. charities receive less than 2% of overall charitable donations? This statistic reveals a significant disparity in funding allocation, which can have a profound impact on the support available for women and girls. 

That is why we are spotlighting Rosa UK who are leading the charge, empowering and making a real difference in the lives of women

Rosa is a remarkable organisation that supports the women and girls’ sector by distributing funding to strengthen organisations. Their support enables charities to continue their valuable work to achieve change. But their partnership with us is not just about the fund itself; it goes beyond that.

3 benefits from our funding partnership

  1. A shared mission. Our partnership with Rosa is not just about the fund itself; it goes beyond that. Rosa has taken the time to get to know us, understand our mission, and are aligned with our core values. 
  2. Collaboration. We are part of a wider community that champions diversity and equal opportunities,. A community which ensures that women and girls are safe, confident, and empowered to lead. 
  3. Amplifying our message. With Rosa’s support we have the opportunity to amplify our vision, mission, and work. via speaking opportunities, shared content creation and networking.

It is crucial that female-focused charities receive the funding they need to continue their life-changing work. Let’s amplify our collective impact and create a more equitable world for women and girls

To find out more about our programmes for girls and young women aged 8-22 head here..  


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