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Support Girls and Young Women Through Mentorship this Giving Tuesday 

Our goal is for all girls to access the same opportunities as others. While progress has been made over half of girls still feel constrained by stereotypes. Mentorship is one powerful way to shift the dial on this social issue. 

As part of the global Giving Tuesday movement, on Tuesday 28th November, we are calling out for dedicated female mentors to empower and support girls in achieving their full potential.

Mentors provide guidance, expertise and support to a mentee based on their own experiences. For girls, mentoring can provide exposure to new career paths, networking opportunities, and increased self-esteem. 

A study by Women Ahead shows mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees. 87% report increased confidence, with 84% citing two-way inspiration. Mentoring fosters meaningful connections across an organisation.  

Meet a BelEve Mentee: How Mentoring Led Naomi to Find Her Career Path, read more here

Meet Mentor Rosa Sibaja, On the Value of Mentoring with BelEve UK , read more here

This Giving Tuesday, please consider

– Donating to support our mentoring programs for girls aged 8-15 years old: 

– Gifting your time as a mentor: to empower young women aged 15-22 years old , you can sign up here

– Amplifying our message by sharing with your community 

– Come and visit us at our HQ 372 Brockley Rose, SE4 2PY between 10am-12pm on Tuesday 28th for a coffee, and chat about all things mentoring.  

With your support, we can empower girls to achieve their full potential. Thank you for considering BelEve this Giving Tuesday!  


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