Saving money as a student can be so difficult, so here are some tips for you to use that are efficient and effective. In these ways you won’t end up as a broke student as quickly as you think! Let’s delay that overdraft girl!

  • MEAL PREP: Planning your meals saves you both money and time. It is an efficient way for you to plan out what you need and when! Invest time into thinking about what you want to eat and when, and also use this method to prioritise your health.

  • MONEY: A USER’S GUIDE: A really useful book for how to manage your money if you don’t know where to start. It teaches readers all about different savings accounts, saving for mortgages and credit. 

  • RAILCARD: If you are living and going to University in the UK, it means you will probably be travelling back and forth between home and University, and tickets can be expensive. Having a railcard gives you a discount on your train tickets and makes a major difference. Downloading the digital app means you will always have the railcard on you.

  • SPLITWISE: Sometimes when you go on a trip or out you cannot keep track of who owes who what. Through this app you can log all your expenses and it automatically tells you how much you owe and who to. 

  • BUDGET APP: Set yourself a certain amount of money a week and stick to it, sounds simple but it is really effective, and you save the money you don’t spend. A favourite app of mine is Wally!

  • LIDL or ALDI: These shops value food at a much lower price and you will save so much more money it actually almost feels wrong. Also, bulk buy food you know you will use, don’t repetitively buy a single piece of food every day – it is a waste of money.

  • SKYSCANNER: We all want to go on some holidays eventually, and when you do, this app allows you to see the cheapest flights for your destination with your friends!

  • DOWNLOAD FOOD APPS: a lot of these apps give you random awards and redeemable vouchers for food. You never know when Greggs will give you a free sausage roll.  
Let us know if these tips helped you and what you use to save money as a student !!