Titsandbits_x – Learn More about the Business

Titsandbits_x is run by Emilia and Jade. They are both 19 year old university students going into their second year – Emilia does Education and English and Jade does Creative Writing. Check out this blog to learn more about their business!

Goals, Dreams & Resolutions for 2022

With the end of the year insight, if you are anything like me you will look back at the year and assess what went well and what didn’t exactly go to plan! My aim is to encourage you to set those goals, dream those dreams and aim higher than you ever have before, but also give tips as to how you can make the most of your goals for the new year..

How to stay organised during the holidays

We can all struggle sometimes to find that balance between allowing time to relax and not completely abandoning our responsibilities on our breaks. Check out Jennifer’s blog on her top tips to help stay organised during the holidays…

Must Have Stocking Fillers

Have you struggled to find the stocking fillers that your loved one will like? Well look no further because we have a whole list to get you through this.

Festive Activities

It’s officially December! Which means what? Christmas is literally around the corner. My question is: What are you doing to get into the festive spirit? Check out this blog to get into the festive spirit.

3 Top Tips To Success with Stella Ezeogu

Three Top Tips Be authentic,  don't try to be anyone else but yourself! There's only one you,...


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