The Big Give Christmas Campaign

Support the next generation of female leaders. Today is giving Tuesday and BelEVE UK has launched...

16 Days Of Activism – How Can You Get Involved?

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international...

Should Celebrities Do More For The Comunity?

The Struggle The struggle story has become glamorized in recent years; everyone wants to tell...

How Positive Is Fast News?

Fast news, fast fashion, fast food. The world is growing at a rapid rate and anyone outside of Gen Z seems to be struggling with the innovative ways that youth have decided to disseminate messages.

How I got into Cambridge University (advice and top tips)!

Hi everyone! My name is Sikemi and I am currently a first year Geography student at the University...

Picking Into It Podcast Picking Into It is a podcast on the topics of faith, culture, lifestyle...


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