16 Days Of Activism – How Can You Get Involved?

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international...

Should Celebrities Do More For The Comunity?

The Struggle The struggle story has become glamorized in recent years; everyone wants to tell...

BelEve In Her Success in Partnership with Shiseido

There are so many more roles within this growing industry that plays a pivotal role; from the Finance Team to the Marketing team to the Operations team to the Design team…. the list goes on and on before the product is launched and the brand can be called successful.

How Positive Is Fast News?

Fast news, fast fashion, fast food. The world is growing at a rapid rate and anyone outside of Gen Z seems to be struggling with the innovative ways that youth have decided to disseminate messages.

How I got into Cambridge University (advice and top tips)!

Hi everyone! My name is Sikemi and I am currently a first year Geography student at the University...

Picking Into It Podcast Picking Into It is a podcast on the topics of faith, culture, lifestyle...
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