Cheryl Carty
Personal Assistant, Warner Bros
Mentor (2019-2020)

From a professional dancer to an uber busy Business Assistant at Warner Bros. UK. Every day I get the joy of working with different genres. It’s an interesting way to see the world.  I am also Chair of Women of Warner UK. A Business Resource Group for Warner Bros. Entertainment UK. With the experience that I have gained from working at the BBC, Discovery and Disney, I have formed a network where we organise, professional panels, discussion groups, mentoring for our charity partner, joint events with other BRG groups /departments across the WBUK business. WOW UK supports and helps develop WOW UK members, and provide support to all women whenever it’s needed across the business. In today’s changing world we all need to identify with our consumers and understands that yesterday messaging may not resonate with today’s voices. By looking at diverse perspectives on marketing techniques, participating in product development evaluations, and communicating with executives through advisory panels, Business Resource Groups are a great resource for all businesses on a whole.

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