Diede de Kok
Security Intelligence Coordinator, Warner Bros
Mentor Since 2019

I first came to the UK in 2011 for my MA International Conflict Studies. Although I moved back to the Netherlands, where I was born and bred, after I completed my degree, I always missed London. After university, I held a few different internships and jobs, of which I most enjoyed being a lecturer for the programme Safety and Security Management Studies at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. This is where I discovered that I loved coaching, as one of my responsibilities was looking after a group of students to make sure they got support in getting through the programme successfully.

In 2016, just after referendum on Brexit, I decided to move back to the UK. I worked for an NGO in North London for a while, which worked with young people to prevent gang violence and radicalisation, but as they had lost their funding, I wasn’t able to stay on there for long. I then went into a very different career path, one I had never thought I would go into: I started working for Warner Bros. I first joined the company as an Interactor at the WB Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, I then became the Studio Tour Assistant and this year I joined the Regional Security Team, EMEA at the head office as Security Intelligence Coordinator, bringing me back to the job I left behind in the Netherlands.

As my career to date shows, you can have the most solidified plan about where you want to go, life has a way of twisting and turning and bringing you on different paths. I never set out to be a lecturer, nor to work in the film industry, but I have found that I enjoyed both. I hope I will be able to help you find what you like, or don’t like, and can help you along your journey to wherever life might take you.

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