Jodi is the Founder and Creative Director of Clarke’s Closet, a Children’s brand handcrafting Rag Dolls and Children Accessories. She has a background in Art and design alongside Performing Arts. She started Clarke’s Closet due to the lack of diverse dolls available on the high street for her then 4-month-old daughter.

As a Mother Jodi felt it was her duty to create a line of dolls that looked like her daughter and all children of colour that are and have always been underrepresented in the toy market.

Jodi’s dolls bring forth confidence, empowerment, self-love and self-pride. They instil a knowledge that children of colour are enough and that they can be and do anything they set their minds too. Her dolls help children know that there is more than one narrative to be told. Black and brown toys help children understand their story because it mirrors their own. Jodi’s goal is to change this one-sided market and to make black and brown dolls a normal inclusion in the world of play.